To: Margo
Subject: Event
Good Afternoon Margo,

I just wanted to thank you for the event last night. Our employees feel that since we opened in 2007 this was by far the best Christmas Party ever.
Your group was fabulous and just did such a tremendous job.
We truly appreciated everything.
Thanks again!

Kelly Taylor
Executive Assistant

The Victory Bank
Limerick, PA

"THANK YOU for making our Annual Meeting a success! The Murder Mystery was the highlight and we laughed until we cried. Again, thank you so much for a unique and enjoyable weekend. You will be highly recommended by our company. Worth every penny!!"

- Denise Chouinard, Paradigm Medical Management, Inc.


Corporate Entertainment

Today’s businesses need a more efficient and cost-effective way to create and manage company events like sales meetings, internal product launches, even awards banquets, conferences and company retreats. The delicate balance between entertainment, and message-delivery has to be maintained and that’s where the experienced team behind Keith & Margo's Mystery Events provides the best answer.

Here’s how a Keith & Margo's Mystery Event works:

Working with an experienced event planner, you provide the basic details about your event and its goals, we come up with a cost estimate and show different ways of achieving your goal. Once we receive the go-ahead, we develop a scenario and show you how to involve your organization’s personnel in delivering clues and “red-herrings” for a more authentic experience.  In many cases, only one or two members of our team need to be on-site, participating and guiding the activities, keeping outside costs to a minimum.


A typical Keith & Margo's Mystery Event can take two or three hours to complete and can accommodate a group of 20, a party of 100, or a crowd of 1500.

Entertainment, Enthusiasm and Attention

The event can be structured to provide pure entertainment, but most organizations capitalize on the enthusiasm and attention of the audience to add the carefully-timed and good-natured “ribbing” of company officers. Ample opportunities are available to suspend the entertainment and allow for speeches and presentations throughout the event.


Generally the events require the audience to work together in teams of 5 – 10 people, whereby all members of the team participate in the goal of solving a murder mystery.  In many cases, the event is staged around a meal, where each banquet table is a group.  By assigning seating, your organization can determine the composition of teams.

Event Leader

Throughout the event, our event leader - an experienced actor and group motivator provides clues, asks questions, provides goals and plot twists, but most importantly, keeps the event on schedule. The climax of the event is when groups provide their conclusions, the murderer and motive are revealed and prizes for best (and worst) solutions are given.

The result? A memorable time for everyone that will keep them talking for months.

A Learning Experience

Keith & Margo's Mystery Events run the full spectrum from pure entertainment, to pure education and team-building. However, at the most basic level, team members must learn to work together, share information and develop tactics and strategy to gather information from other teams.

Importance of Communication

An important part of any Keith & Margo's Mystery Event is communications, and the event is structured to encourage participants to talk to each other, and can be a valuable tool in “breaking the ice” between departments and divisions of an organization. Other organizational goals such as observation, accurate reporting, insight and teamwork can be introduced, demonstrated and exercised as part of an educational event.

More Advanced Organizational Goals

In collaboration with Duke University, we have developed a program called Crime Scene Investigation Experiential Learning.


Participants quickly understand:

  • The importance of communication and collaboration with team members and other teams within an organization and its direct relationship to their success and that of the organization.
  • The need for structure and routine to foster team insight, learning and trust.
  • Discoveries that are not communicated to team members increase risk and decrease success.
  • The significance of each team member and the knowledge and value that lies within.
  • Effective team planning considers the skills, talents & aspirations of all team members and is critical to quality decision-making.

Recent Testimonial

HASA thanks you, and your staff, for putting on a wonderful murder mystery!! It was a fabulous night. All of our sales personnel and managers had a great time. Your actors and staff were amazing. What great jokes and story line. It fit perfectly to our sales personnel who were in on it. There was laughter from the get go and everyone said they had a great time. What great entertainment!! Some of our sales personnel still use some of the jokes your actors came up with here at the office and, of course, we get a big kick out of it still. Thank you again for a fabulous night. I will be sure to let anyone and everyone I know about Murder Mystery Weekend, Inc.

Thank you again,
Jae Jae Williams,
on behalf of HASA, INC.


Since 1985, Keith & Margo's Mystery Events has been responsible for more excitement and skulduggery around the country than any other group event planner producing more than 6,000 murder mysteries around the world, for large and small organizations including almost every company listed in The Fortune 500! Founders Keith O'Leary and Margo Morrison have tailored the Murder Mystery genre to the corporate world thanks to their extensive individual backgrounds in theatre, television and motion picture production.

Tell Us Where to Go:

We have presented our corporate events all around the world, from Boston to Budapest, from Miami to Montreal and from Prague to Passaic. We can plan and stage the event wherever you need it to happen. Whether yours is an organization with a single location, and want to do an evening event to boost morale, or a multinational with offices in three continents, we can handle it.

For more information, or to get the ball rolling, please contact Keith O'Leary:

  • USA & Canada Tel: 1-877-528-9020
  • International Tel: 1-207-563-1633

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